On Cameron McKennitt’s ‘proven track record’ for Select Board 

March 16, 2024

We write to express our support for Cameron McKennitt, a highly qualified candidate for the Select Board. In a time when effective leadership is crucial, Cameron’s proven track record as a creative problem solver and collaborative individual make him an outstanding choice for our community. 

Grace has known Cameron since their childhood together in Concord’s public schools and Fred has known Cameron for nearly three decades. 

Cameron has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate and resolve complex issues with tact and diplomacy. His approach to problem-solving reflects not only a keen analytical mind but also a commitment to fostering positive relationships and consensus within diverse groups. In a world where cooperation and effective communication are essential, Cameron will represent Concord with respect, while being mindful of our well-established traditions. 

As a businessperson, Cameron has shown exceptional acumen in managing challenges and finding innovative solutions across both private and public sectors. His experience and expertise will undoubtedly bring fresh perspectives to the Select Board, ensuring that our town continues to thrive while recognizing the need to be fiscally responsible. 

Cameron’s ability to work with others, drawing on their strengths and fostering a sense of unity, is precisely what Concord needs in our leadership. In these times of rapid change and uncertainty, Cameron’s collaborative spirit will help guide the Select Board in making informed and responsible decisions that benefit the entire community. 

We are confident that Cameron’s candidacy represents an opportunity for Concord to have a leader who understands the intricacies of our town and is committed to its growth and prosperity. We enthusiastically endorse Cameron McKennitt for the Select Board and encourage our fellow residents to support him in the upcoming election. 

Frederick and Grace Ryan 

Park Lane