Experienced and thoughtful, Rovelli has ‘made a difference’

March 22, 2024

I’m writing in support of Wendy Rovelli for a position on the Select Board. Serving on the Select Board is a privilege, always time consuming and sometimes trying. In selecting fellow citizens for this important service, I don’t first look at the talent they might bring. While this is important, each candidate brings her/his own experience, and each is useful as the Select Board deals with a wide range of issues. I look first at the candidate’s prior service. Municipal government is more complicated than many might imagine, and experience is an essential attribute demonstrating both knowledge and a commitment to citizen involvement. 

Ms. Rovelli’s experience is substantial. She has served on the Finance Committee, the Financial Audit Advisory Committee, and on the Board of the Concord Municipal Light Plant; and she currently serves on the Solar Implementation Task Force. Through her careful analysis of complex budget/financial issues, her service has made a difference. Further, she has provided leadership in working with the Finance Director and Finance Committee members on the initial development and ongoing maintenance of the Finance Committee’s Five-Year Forecast of Tax Burden, developed and delivered financial trend presentation as part of CPS teacher contract negotiations, and facilitated volunteer support for development of a small business long-range plan.  

She is smart, collaborative, thoughtful, and experienced – just what’s needed on the town’s Select Board. I encourage you to join me in supporting her candidacy. 

Michael Lawson 

Lowell Road